Dinosuars in the Otways

DINOSAURS are returning to the Otways. A major science exhibition that has smashed museum attendance records around the world has opened in Apollo Bay.
It tells the story of world-first and unique discoveries in the Otways.
The exhibition seen by millions of people in Taiwan, Italy, Argentina and Singapore – now located on the Barham River Scenic Drive – is about the fossil record from the Great Southern Continent, which once included Australia, South America, Antarctica, Africa, and India.

It includes fossils that span almost 3.8 billion years to the present covering a massive range of specimens from the pin-up girl of the dinosaur world Leaellynasaura, who was a tiny polar dinosaur discovered on the Otways coast, right through to the skeleton of the aggressive carnivore Tarbosaurus Bataar (means ferocious lizard) more than 8 metres long.

For more information please visit www.otwaydinosaurs.com

A visit to Apollo Bay

Nestled into the picturesque green foothills of the Otway Ranges, Apollo Bay offers everything you need to have the perfect break – superb scenery, endless activities and top class dining.

Watch this for just a taste of what is on offer at Apollo Bay. Of note is the number of local individuals who feature through out the video!


Otway Oktoberfest

A feast of local and international beers

It will be a day full of traditional German Culture with local and international beverages, cuisine, games and atmosphere.

Participate in tutored beer tastings, traditional German Music with Alpine Cocktail Games.

For more information visit   http://www.otwayestate.com.au/oktoberfest.htm


See you there!

Opera in the Otways

It’s on again : Opera in the Otways -  this November 26.

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